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Windows 10 UWP Book

Finally my second e-book “Step into windows 10” released. Please download and give freed back friends..


This book describes the UI features and benefits of UWP in Windows 10. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the features that you get when you create a UWP. This book samples are written in C# and XAML.



Table of Content
  • Quick Introduction
  • Requirements for Windows 10 UWP Development
  • Life cycle of windows 10
  • Writing your first Windows 10 UWP APP
  • Show Message Dialog in Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Application Bar
  • Change Apps Title Bar Colour and Enable Back Button In Windows 10 UWP
  • Windows 10 Split View-Hamburger Menu
  • Send E-mail and SMS in windows 10
  • Map control to show your current location and get the street address using GPS Co-ordinates in Windows 10 UWP
  • 3D Map for Windows 10 UWP
  • File Picker in Windows 10 UWP
  • Pick text file in Windows 10 UWP
  • Drag and Drop functionality instead of File Picker in Windows 10 UWP
  • Local Data Base SQLite for Windows 10 UWP
  • Consume web service using HttpClient to POST and GET json data in Windows 10 UWP
  • HTTP Live Streaming in Windows 10
  • Background File Downloader for Windows 10 UWP
  • RSS Reader in Windows 10 UWP App
  • Sensors in Windows 10 UWP App
  • Set Specific Device Family XAML Views In Windows 10 UWP
  • Drawing and Inking Using New InkCanvas Control for Windows 10 UWP App
  • Disable screen capture in Windows 10 UWP

For more windows 10 related articles follow my articles in my blog windows 10 section and also in my C# Corner articles

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Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

Mobile app developers have become a driving force for software innovation. At Microsoft, we are working to enable even greater developer opportunity and innovation by providing the best experiences to all developers, on any device, with powerful tools, an open platform and a global cloud.




For more info 

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Send Email from GMail, Yahoo! And Hotmail Using C# in ASP.Net and WCF


Send Email from GMail, Yahoo! And Hotmail Using C# in ASP.Net and WCF

In this article we are going to see how to send email using C#.

Most of the applications we need to send mail to the user here I am going to explain how you will send mail using your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail account.

For sending mail we need the server details like smtp host name and port to configure SMTP.  See the list of server details for sending mail.

Name Host name Port
Gmail 587
Yahoo! 587
Hotmail 587

Create new or WCF application according to your requirement. Then go to your code behind page and write the following code for example using Gmail.

public void SendEmail()




SmtpClient clientSMTP = new SmtpClient(“”, 587);


clientSMTP.EnableSsl = true;

clientSMTP.DeliveryMethod = SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network;

clientSMTP.UseDefaultCredentials = false;

clientSMTP.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(“”,”password”);

using (MailMessage message = new MailMessage())


message.From = new MailAddress(“yourgmailid”);

message.Subject = “Subject”;

message.IsBodyHtml = true;


message.Body=”Hi ” + “Suresh” + “!\n” +

“Welcome to C# Corner!” +

“Please <a href='” + ” ” + “‘>click</a> here to activate your account. \nThanks!”;




catch(Exception ex)








You can send email with attachment also using Attachment property. If you need to CC to someone or BC to someone use the following code






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How to show image in circle shape

In this article we are going to see how to show the image in circular shape and decode the pixel in windows 10 UWP.

To perform this task we are going to use two controls Ellipse and ImageBrush.

The following code will show image we set to the ImageBrush as circular

<Ellipse Width="150" Height="150">
                <ImageBrush ImageSource="Assets/w10.jpg" />

You can set the ImageSource as url like the following code

<Ellipse Width="150" Height="150">
            <ImageBrush ImageSource="" />

Now run the app and looks the output like the following image


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Introducing Xamarin Evolve Student Scholarships



Xamarin helps students to become cross-platform mobile C# developers – through Microsoft DreamSpark.

Now Xamarin Evolve 2016 is the place to be if you are a student interested in mobile development.

Students can get free licence and training

For more details see

Mobile development skills are in demand, using Xamarin for Students, you can build native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio, for free.